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Addition +  Modification + Organization

What’s new?

Look & Feel

Modify your landing page, a specific section, or the whole website! Update your site design to reflect changes in your business or organization, attract more users, or impress someone specific. They say looks aren’t everything, but they sure count for something!

Copy & Content

Inform users of announcements, events, or other happenings relevant to your company. Maybe some of the content on existing pages doesn’t sound right anymore, and could use a bit of editing (or an overhaul)! Does your site take advantage of effective images and graphics? Fresh, accurate and on-target content engages users and sends a clear message. 

Function & Utility

Did something break? Let’s fix it! Looking to integrate some new technology? Let’s do it! Your website should help you accomplish your work or mission, and grow and change with you over time. Adding new functionality with plugins or custom solutions are a great way to better assist users, earn more revenue, or make your life easier. 

Project Packages

To help you get the most out of your website, we offer Project Packages in sets of 5, 10, and 20 hours. Packages cover all kinds of renovations, from small updates to code and content, to full page designs and complex integrations. For sites that need a reboot, we can do scans, audits, fixes, and cleanups.

Every website has a purpose. How can we improve and expand your website’s functionality to optimize your workflow, enhance user eperience, or generate more revenue?

free estimates on the best package for you

defined landmarks, deadlines & deliverables

Hours are versatile & never Expire

Feel secure working with someone who knows your site

Reliable support, bug fixes & project management

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Quotes from Clients

I am absolutely floored by the amazing job you guys have done thus far! I literally jumped out of my seat at my office job and did a lap around the building to get some of that “OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME” energy out of me. Can’t tell you how pleased I am with the result so far and both you and Kory’s communication and work flow so far. Thrilled.

Carli Ladner

Owner, Bayou City Flowers

What a godsend to find Abigail and Kory, and at just the right moment! We were struggling to get our site updated and to fix some user experience issues as well as add new content we didn’t have the skills to manage. They were both so communicative and made it easy to assess the options available and then choose for ourselves the direction that was the best fit for our needs and budget. And they are just both so obviously versed in webdesign and wordpress in particular, it was wonderful to feel like we were in the hands of experts! Thank you guys so much for your support!

Maisie Ganz

Co-Founder, Soil Sisters Farm

We are so excited, and I can’t express just how fantastic you have been to work with. We really appreciate the patience and everything you have done to help us out! A huge thanks from us here at Beowulf.

Weston Strawser

Team Member, Beowulf Industrial Sewing