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WordPress for the small but mighty

Where to?

Content Hire

A pretty landing page will get a user’s attention, but content will keep it. Good websites tell a clear story — they use design, copy and images to illustrate and enhance a strong brand message. The copy’s “tone of voice” and a page’s “look and feel” seem like a couple of abstract terms, but they translate into real user connection.

Let’s say that all sounds great, but you don’t know where to start. Fret not amigo, for you’ve come to the right place.

Define your brand’s identity

 Create & curate effective images

Write strong, engaging copy

Establish a unique style guide

Develop digital marketing materials

Don’t stress — we got it.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

— John Muir

Nothing on the Internet exists in a vacuum, just like the natural world we live in. The success and efficiency of any website is dependent upon a whole host (ha, quite literally) of external factors: servers, softwares, algorithms, tools and processes.

Users need a solid understanding of all of these components to create, care for, and derive value from a website. The quality of everything from hosting providers, to plugins, themes and bits of custom code all play a huge role in a WordPress website’s security and functionality. From beginning to end, there are an overwhelming number of choices to make that determine if and how a website fulfills its purpose and potential.

Managing a WordPress website means being aware of all of these connections and possibilities from the inside out. It’s a job in and of itself… so to all the small businesses, local non-profits and courageous DIYers out there: if you’re tired of keeping up, or don’t know where to start — we’re here for you!

About Marstin

Our Belief

We believe every “little” organization can make a huge difference — locally, globally, socially. They add unique value to their communities, creating and strengthening a network of connections. Change passes from person to person, group to group. Whether you’re making bouquets or helping the homeless, we believe you’re building a better world.

Our Story

Marstin’s digital doors opened in 2017, and is made up of one Kory and one Abigail. It was always our goal to help small non and forprofits with their online presence, and in turn, provide real value to real people. We are so grateful for our work and getting to build, create, and support sites for people like you!

Our Aim

“Getting online” is often simple in principle, and less so in practice. We know from experience it can quickly become a vacuum for time, energy and resources! Our goal is to provide small organizations with reliable, affordable, ongoing web services, and help you get back to focusing on the work you set out to do in the first place.

Quotes from Clients

I am absolutely floored by the amazing job you guys have done thus far! I literally jumped out of my seat at my office job and did a lap around the building to get some of that “OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME” energy out of me. Can’t tell you how pleased I am with the result so far and both you and Kory’s communication and work flow so far. Thrilled.

Carli Ladner

Owner, Bayou City Flowers

Thank you both for your creative efforts in designing our website for our off-Broadway show here in New York. We are competing with the biggest shows here in New York and with your incredible design you have truly and magnificently “branded” our performance and given us an “visual emotional identity” when someone visits our webpage.

Additionally, your website maintenance is a major help us as we can concentrate on the selling and promoting the show and know the site is up and running smoothly.

Mark Rodgers

Producer, Discover DaVinci

You guys have out done yourselves, it looks so amazing, the content is wonderful. I love everything that you have done with it thus far. Thank you so much for your help…. Keep up the excellent work!!!

Claude E. Bond IV

Owner, Bond Staffing Solutions LLC